Monique is a qualified Master trainer with extensive experience in the wellness industry, who is passionate about achieving results for her clients.

She has developed the M-Fit methodology with committed clients who she offers a range of programs and varied types of training.

Monique specializes in Core Strength for Pain Management and Resistance Training for Weight Loss and Toning.
With an extensive background in fitness across the globe, Monique shares her knowledge through enthusiastic and supportive techniques with proven results, having helped countless clients transform their bodies and reach their goals.

The fusion workouts based on the MFit Method blend a variety of movement disciplines from pilates, aerobics, weights, strength training and much more, keeping your body and mind constantly challenged and engaged.

Using body weight with assisted weights, these fusion moves are followed by an abs intensive and a deep core stretch which are sure to show you the results you’re looking for.

The fusion series is perfect for a well-balanced, total-body conditioning workout that targets specific area of the body:


Purposefully activating a variety of fitness aspects such as strength, balance, stability, core strength, agility, endurance and more, making your workouts more functional and effective.

The programs within the M-Fit framework consist of challenging, fun routines that build deep strength and sculpt your entire body with modifications available. The programs have been designed through proven exercise science that are low impact with concentrated movements for targeted results.

Include a variety of strength classes using body-weight and weights in your week with high-intensity circuit/interval training and sculpting workouts like:

  • Booty Kickin Sculpt
  • Arms Abs & A$$
  • Core Cardio Crunch


“ I developed the M-Fit Method based on the best of what I have seen across the globe. The framework consists of a full body weighted circuit workout with a modern twist, which I strongly believe in and am passionate about, best suited to the female body.

The workout is a fusion of aerobic strength exercises using weights and a floor series of pilates inspired moves to build lean muscle and sculpt the body.

I love how it creates a mind body connection with the combination of body movement, mental focus, and controlled breathing to improve strength, balance and overall health.

Exercise is medicine, one of the most powerful tools to make us feel better, get stronger physically and mentally.

It is vital for women to develop and maintain strength as they age to preserve your bone density, speed up metabolism and gain postural confidence. Cardio is just not enough, we need to be strengthening our body and bones by using weights and repeating strength exercises.”

M-Fit’s training philosophy is to bring you up to date, calorie burning but fun workouts that leave you feeling empowered in and out of the studio through:

  • One on One  
  • Partner Training
  • Group studio classes
  • Corporate Training

Each session consists of a personalised framework which ensures a unique workout in line with each individual’s goals.

There’s never been a better time to get fit and into shape!